Gold Standard Covid Science in Practice – Interdisciplinary Symposium III: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Mary Holland, Meryl Nass MD, and Polly Tommey Will Join World-Renowned Experts In Science, Medicine, Finance, Media And The Law To Speak At The Doctors For Covid Ethics + UK Column Symposium III

Programme Agenda

Friday, February 18th

10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET

Program Overview with Taylor Hudak

Session I with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD: The Case Is Closed – The Final Evidence

10:03am PT/ 1:03pm ET

Opening Statement by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD

10:06am PT/ 1:06pm ET

The Falling of The House of Cards
Plenary by Thomas Binder MD

10:25am PT/ 1:25pm ET

Pathways to Vaccine Injury
Presentation by Prof. Michael Palmer MD

10:40am PT/ 1:25pm ET

Three Major Consequences To Be Expected
Presentation by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD

10:47am PT/ 1:47pm ET

Expectations Fulfilled: The Scientific Evidence
Presentation by Prof. Arne Burkhardt MD with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD

11:12am PT/ 2:12pm ET

Commentary and Closing Remarks by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD

Session II with Prof. Michel Palmer MD:
The Future Scientific and Legal Aspects

11:20am PT/ 2:20pm ET

CET Variations of mRNA Technology
Presentation and Debate with Kati Schepis, Phamacist, and Prof. Michael Palmer MD

11:45am PT/ 2:45 pm ET

Overview of Legal, Procedural Opportunities and Threats

Overview of the Legal Landscape with Mary Holland, Renate Holzeisen, Meryl Nass MD with Polly Tommey

12:10pm PT/ 3:10pm ET

Controversies of Institutions (WHO, EMA and more)
Astrid Stuckelberger PhD with Prof. Michael Palmer MD

Session III with Catherine Austin Fitts: Covid-19 and The Global Coup

12:35pm PT/ 3:35pm ET

Covid-19 and The Global Coup d’État
Catherine Austin Fitts with Michael Yeadon PhD

12:55pm PT/ 3:55pm ET

Covid-19 Survey
First Time Ever Presentation of a Survey of the Impact of Covid-19 Inoculations by Dr Mark Skidmore

1:25pm PT/ 4:25pm ET

The Financial Control Grid
Presented by Catherine Austin Fitts with Dr Richard Werner

1:40pm PT/ 4:40pm ET

Freedom Fighting on the Ground
Truckloads for freedom with Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Emad Guirguis with Stephen Malthouse

1:55pm PT/ 4:55pm ET

The Truth Shall Set You Free – Closing Remarks
by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD

End of the Symposium

You can download the agenda and learn more about the symposium here

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