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What We Do
What We Do

We run truthful information campaigns in public spaces (billboards, websites and newspaper adverts).

Why We Do It
Why We Do It

We want to turn a nationwide campaign into a permanent one that challenges the powerful and holds the government to account.


We are raising donations to put up 100’s of billboards across the UK, as an ongoing campaign, as long as necessary, to share the truth about ‘Covid-19’ vaccine regulations.

Raise Awareness
Raise Awareness

·        What if we could raise our voices to become a movement? A nationwide campaign that doesn’t stop until the government tells us the truth?

Support The Initiative
Support The Initiative

We’ll use your donations to buy large billboards with powerful messages in high traffic locations. We can’t do this without you. You are our voice, and we are counting on you!

Take Action
Take Action

Help us to keep the truth in circulation on billboards. It doesn’t matter how little you can give, if everyone gives something the message of truth will be spread across our cities.

Stand up for truth

By donating to the Nationwide Campaign for Truth Billboards. You will challenge the powerful and hold government to account.

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A Supporter becomes part of this movement with the knowledge that their donation will be spent on a campaign that continues to produce billboards and inspire generosity among those who are fed up with being misled.

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Campaign for Truth Billboards

One of our billboard designs that we will be promoting all across the UK, with the help of our wonderful community donating
to this powerful cause. Taking the power back and utilising such a strong medium to get messages of TRUTH to the public.
Your continued support is important.

Stand up for truth

We want to turn a nationwide campaign into a permanent one that challenges the powerful and holds them to account.